Rex "Unicorn Rex" McRex

Security Team Member


“Unicorn Rex” has worked for the Hoffmann Institute for a decade. On his first mission for the Institute (in which current Security Team head Akira Takamatsu was his handler), Rex seduced a suburban housewife and blew up a small mall near St. Louis. His career and personal life have only been more flamboyant from there.

Rex has a personal fortune that clearly puts him in the elite. While it’s unclear how he got it, what is clear is how he uses it; in the pursuit of making the world a better place.

After being recruited by the Institute (and the rather conspicuous results of his first mission), Rex developed a reputation as an agent who got the job done even if it was through rather unusual means. Typically, these missions involved creating networks of motivated community members who would agitate for change in an area beneficial to the Institute’s mission. Rex has worked with environmentalists to save National Parks, local business owners interested in forming co-ops to participate in the global economy, human rights activists fighting for fairer policing, police union members protesting racist anti-crime policies put forth by their cities, and repatriated African child soldiers. He has seduced secrets about illegal business practices from the highest placed corporate flunkies, tricked politicians into embarrassing themselves on international television, and testified before Congress about unjust educational curriculums. Each mission was tinged by his famous lust for life (and sometimes just lust), a ton of drugs tailored to fit the situation, and lots of rock and roll spirit.

This rock and roll spirit would lead him to the moment in which he gained geek cult status. Suddenly developing an interest in space travel, Rex took hiatus from the Institute and paid the Russian Space Agency their prerequisite millions of dollars to secure a spot on their cosmonaut training program. He then struck a deal with MTV; since he was going to be living on the ISS for at least a few weeks, why couldn’t he host a live show from Earth orbit? Everyone from NASA to Viacom agreed it was a fantastic idea.

The result is that “Unicorn Rex” became the first MTV VJ to broadcast from outside the earth’s atmosphere, on a 10 month now legendary cult show called “Is There Life On Mars?” Opening each show with David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”, the freewheeling Rex would move eloquently between critiquing celebrity fashion choices to describing social ills while pumping the hottest jams from all corners of the globe. Spinning tracks by Japanese noise artists, South African hip hop groups, Havana jazz clubs, and anyone else who had a pulse, good taste, and musical talent, “Unicorn Rex” tried (and most would say succeeded) in producing what his fellow space travelers call the “overview effect” in his viewers trapped on the ground.

In 2014, he briefly entered the fashion world, walking for underwear designer Marco Marco’s NY Fashion week show. In typical Rex mode, his appearance was hailed as “stunning”, “bold”, and “probably the most naked”.

There are rumors that Rex also engages in freelance “dinosaur hunting”…but that would necessitate the existence of dinosaurs and a place to hunt them, wouldn’t it? All that is clear is that he owns a set of large weapons.

All of that, and he still managed to make time for his charity work with at-risk LGBTQ teens and adults, soup kitchen foundings, and general badassery.

Dr. Nakami has tolerated and celebrated his special brand of flair and celebrity, even when it’s clashed sometimes with the overall persona of the Institute. While Nakami and Rex may be as different a people as you could possibly find, they are both dedicated to a brighter future for humanity and that selfless goal easily overrides any friction that could result from the different ways they work.

Rex "Unicorn Rex" McRex

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