Erskine ("Eris") Tsuchi


Erskine (“Eris”) Tsuchi: an aspiring Zen monk ascetic/martial artist seeking enlightenment in the noisy, information-saturated modern world. In another era, fitful Eris may have found some peace in the monasteries of his ancestors. Instead, he struggles for connection with the natural world in an industrial wasteland.

Young Eris works the land where he was born and raised by his Japanese grandparents, who emigrated to the U.S. in the wake of World War II. To Eris, the Tsuchi family farm (located in Central Valley, California) represents mankind’s one remaining connection with the earth, the last tether people have yet to sever and replace with some technological substitute. There, he dreams of restoring nature, and humans’ place within it.

Eris practices meditation and martial arts with fierce devotion. He strives to cultivate mindfulness amidst the modern maelstrom, and so he studies koans, writes poetry, and plays the shamisen. He lives simply and humbly, seeking only the ancient wisdoms long-since discarded by society.

Unsurprisingly, Eris broadly despises, comically fumbles with, and avoids technology at all costs. Nonetheless, he demonstrates a peculiar intuition for information in times of crisis. Given his total lack of technical interest or aptitude, this could relate to his recently emerging latent psychic abilities… Such paradoxes are consistent with Eris’ fixation with Zen, not to mention his strife-ridden Irish-Japanese family history.

Highly skeptical of the Hoffmann Institute, Eris casually discarded their initial missive as junk mail. However, he recovered their mysterious message after a vision of Dr. Itohiro Nakami appeared to Eris during his evening meditation. He remains deeply suspicious of their methods (believing science to be a fool’s errand) and transparently capitalist motives. Nonetheless, he is intrigued by the institute’s alleged desire for revolution, and shares their intuition that the collective consciousness must be cracked open and irreversibly re-wrought to save humanity from itself…

Erskine ("Eris") Tsuchi

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