Dark•Matter is a d20 Modern campaign based on the titular setting that focuses on conspiracy and supernatural freaky deakyness. All of our players live various places around the United States, so we use roll20 as a place to run our games and this site to collect our information and game summaries.

Quick LInks for Players and Visitors

Download Fillable Character Sheets here! – Right Click to Download and Save

d20 Modern Resources for Players

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MOTD: Welcome new players! Hope you enjoyed the opening email :D

We’ll be using Obsidian Portal to keep everything about the campaign organized and set. The wiki pages and character sets make it super easy! This means you guys have to take fewer notes during game sessions and a whole bunch of other cool things.

For now, create an account and let’s figure out when the first game night is going to be. Don’t worry about filling out the character sheet all the way! We really just need you to start your character concept and start filling out the background story sections of the sheet. I can help you flesh your character out via dice rolls and skill selection. You just need to have the story ready!

For our first game session, it would be helpful to read the first two sections of the provided Player’s Companion, but you don’t have to! The ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL THING is to have a character concept in mind.


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